What is a Sobriety Puzzle?


In the nav bar under "Between Us" is a link to our Sobriety (Criss Cross) Puzzles. These are like cross word puzzles. Each Criss Cross has something to do with staying clean and sober. On some you have to have a Big Book or Young, Sober, & Free in front of you to fill it out. Each puzzle is in PDF format. Download, save, then print. You can fill it out on a lazy day, share with your friends, or use for a group exercise.

Make up one yourself, , we'll post it, give you credit, and send you a FREE book from Day By Day.

Your book!

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Recovery radio and recovery sounds. You're going to love this guy Monty!

Recovery radio

12 step songs

You have reached the official site of Young, Sober, & Free. Here you can connect with others who are from the YES crowd,


Follow the links to lots of recovery tools, listen to songs, send us your story or send in your clean and sober photos. For the young in recovery (even the young at heart), this is your recovery connection.

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While enjoying sobriety, enjoy this video about Spiders on drugs!


Check Out the Winners on the right hand column.

(Guidelines: Up to 1000 words. All stories become the non-exclusive property of this site. That means you can do whatever you want with it, like submit it elsewhere or sell it. But we get to use it too! Please give us the name you want to be used with this story when you submit it.)

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