Daniel's Prose

Submitted by Daniel's mother: Janet Jones


It was not the Pot
My Uncle started me on Meth
I would not listen

I'm sitting here in a far away place
and I can't help but to have a strange look upon my face.
All of these hard times I just could not see,
all the drugs I used to do, I just wouldn't let them be.
If I could go back and do all the things I did,
when it came to drugs, I would have just went and hid.

It was not the Pot

For a little while, it's true, you know, I ran
up until the time someone slipped a joint into my hand.
The first hit I took, I thought that went over well,
then the next thing I knew, my life went straight to hell.
It was not the POT, it was far worse things,
it was the METH that sent me to my death
and scrambled all my brains.
Now, I'm sitting here doing a ten-year sentence,
praying each and every night for repentance.

Although I'm not a "bad" guy,
I turned from God and He probably wonders WHY!!
Now I've got the facts and it's clear to see,
if you mess with drugs, STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM ME!!!!
I look back now at the life I used to live
and realize I still have a lot more to give.
Now, I sit here tonight, all alone and feeling oh, so sad,
thinking of my family and feeling very bad.
Now, once upon a time, I know I truly had a life with my family,
which really wasn't that bad.

My Uncle started me on Meth

I used to have an uncle, who I thought was pretty smart,
he started me on meth, which tore my world apart.
So, as I lie here upon this bed,
I'm remembering all the things I did and I'm glad I'm not dead.
Now, when it comes to drugs, you know I've had enough,
I wouldn't be here now if I would have stayed away from that stuff.
As I sit here, now I hang my head in shame,
at times I think it's my uncles fault, but there is only me to blame.
Now, I'm sitting here today,
wondering how they can let his girlfriend walk away.
She also played the game,
but for her sake, I will not say her name.
One of these days, I'll surely get to go home and stay,
and when I have kids, hopefully they won't end up this way.
Because I have an outdate of 2010
when I leave this place, I never want to see it again.

I would not listen

My family always told me things to which I would not listen,
so now I'm sitting here realizing just what it is I'm missimg!!!!!!! 

Daniel was sentenced to a 15-year jail term, with 10 years executed, 5 years to serve. He was with his uncle, his uncle's girlfriend and another friend when the house was raided. Everyone was caught except Daniel, he was caught the next day. The Drug Task Force, The County Police and City Police found a very active Meth Lab. Two batches were cooking and jars were exploding. Daniel is only 24-years old, and I as his mother can tell how sorry he is for the pain he has put the family through. If he has good behavior and gets his G.E.D. he can be released in 2 1/2 years. He has always been a hard worker and was just enticed by his uncles, who mainly cared about only themselves. He was also arrested with his younger uncle, who had him throw a one-hitter pipe for smoking marjuiana and his uncle refused to claim it, so Daniel served a 15- day sentence for that. I'm very proud of my son for finally realizing that it was HIS own actions that landed him in jail and that he can finally take the blame for his involvement.